Carbon crunching…

The Erith Group are proud to announce surpassing the supply chain average in The Sustainable Supply Chain Carbon Disclosure Project – scoring an impressive disclosure score of 84/100 in comparison to the industry average of 60/100.

As part of the Group’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Erith have implemented a stringent monitoring regime which benchmarks our carbon disclosure against over 4,000 organisations.

Our submission was requested by a total of 74 CDP members, with over $2 Trillion combined expenditure.

Excelling in all areas of the disclosure project, Erith scored a staggering 96/100 for ‘governance and strategy’ – surpassing the average CDP score of 76/100. Other areas of the business saw Erith score an impressive 93/100 for our strategy for ‘risks and opportunities,’ and 83/100 for emissions management, thus resulting in collectively out-scoring the supply chain average by a combined 57 for both categories respectively.

Despite achieving a 45% increase in the Group’s project portfolio across the past 12 months, Erith have retained our status as one of the leading contractors in minimising our emissions – outshining the supply chain disclosure average by a remarkable 40%.