Case Study // Bell Green – Castlemore

The former gas production site was to be redeveloped for commercial and retail outlets. Over the years more that 40,000m3 of hazardous material had been stockpiled on the site.

This material was to be screened and sorted to provide 27,000m3 of suitable fill to raise to land to the new development platform. In order to clear the obstructions for the new development a 30,000m3 excavation was undertaken to a depth of 7m through various soil types. All materials were segregated into different streams and processed to make them suitable as ll. Included in the package was a 100m length of 1,200×800 sewer diversion and 100m of retaining wall.

Only 3,800 tonnes of hazardous material was removed from site, with 8,000 tonnes of surplus material sent to other construction sites (under current exemptions), 15,000 tonnes of reclaimed and crushed concrete used for capping and piling mats with the remainder disposed of a non hazardous material creating huge savings on the original budget.

Specific aspects of the contract were:

  • Site Investigation
  • Site Clearance
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Remediation
  • Retaining Walls
  • Installation of drainage systems including manholes
  • Fencing and site security
  • Installation of temporary site services.

The project involved a 6 month lead in period as preferred bidder. This was used to work with the design team to enhance the value of the project.