Case Study // Blackmore Tower

The Structure

The works comprised the demolition of the designated block including the removal of the ground floor slab, basement structures, foundations and asbestos removal to a 16no. storey housing block.

The demolition of Blackmore Tower presented a number of challenges in terms of demolition logistics. This was due to the close proximity of neighbouring properties and businesses; challenges which were overcome by careful planning and management from the site team.

The contract works on this site were carried out over a 22 week programme in the first and second quarter of 2011 and consisted of the demolition of some 94 flats in a 16no. storey reinforced concrete structure. The structure was fabricated out of pre-cast concrete, patent glazing cladding panels, with lift and refuse towers and longitudinal panel walls for lateral stability, supporting reinforced ribbed concrete and clay pot floors of light loading.

The Scope

The contract included:

  • Clearance of asbestos and hazardous materials from within the premises
  • Removal and disposal of remaining fittings doors windows and debris
  • Removal and disposal of lifts and tanks
  • Demolition of the structure by 120 tonne super high reach machine assisted by 360 excavators 13-45 tonne
  • Removal of ground slab and foundations and grubbing up drains and Undertake pile probing and trimming of piles to a datum level of no more than 9.5 AOD
  • Provision of access for WSP geo technical inspection team
  • Processing of arisings for re-use, and disposal of all surplus arisings and rubbish
  • Backfilling foundations and trenches re-using approved crushed arisings

Project Goals

  • No reportable accidents or incidents recorded throughout the life of the contract
  • Project completed within the desired contract programme
  • Project completed within the contract budget