Case Study // Chatham Docks

Erith were employed by the SISK Group to carry out both the demolition and remediation of the former working dockyard, situated in Chatham, Kent. The dockyard over its lifetime saw both a heavy and light industrial output; housing buildings comprised of asbestos roofing on a concrete slab base.

The primary element of the works saw the demolition of the asbestos sheeting roof structure; utilising two 35 tonne, 360˚ excavators fitted with hydraulic muncher attachments. Air clearance pumps were installed around the perimeter of the building, in conjunction with water suppression to minimise any air pollution. Following on from this, the exterior frame of the building, consisting of tin sheet cladding was demolished and sorted on site for recycling purposes.

Post completing the demolition works, Erith undertook the site remediation; incorporating:
• Material stockpiling/segregation
• Waste removal
• Pond excavation & dewatering
• Breaking out concrete slabs
• Crushing and screening of site won concrete
• Validation of sub base.

Materials were screened on site, and then stockpiled on a hardstanding area in preparation for removal off site to a disposal facility.

Once the concrete slab had been removed, the sub base was visually checked for any contamination. Any areas that were found to contain contaminants were removed and tested for re-use, or aerated to evaporate any hydrocarbons.

Cut and fill was undertaken in small sections, where the sub base was level and compacted to enable a CBR to be undertaken.

The works were completed to programme, with no reportable H&S incidents.