Case Study // Goresbrook Village– Countryside Properties


The Goresbrook Village Regeneration, also referred to as the landmark ‘Lego Land’ tower blocks is one of the largest Regeneration schemes in the UK. The 1960’s constructed high rise tower blocks were situated in Barking and Dagenham, north of the A13 trunk road.

The Structure

The project consisted of the demolition of 3no. tower blocks spanning 50 metres in height and 31 metres in length. The existing structures comprised of pre-cast and reinforced concrete blocks with 282 existing dwellings.

Erith were employed to carry out the non structural strip out, asbestos removal, temporary works and demolition down to ground slab level to help pave way for construction of 149 new low rise homes.

The Method

Demolition was executed by means of controlled top-down deconstruction methods. A fully encapsulated retardant monaflex scaffold was erected around each tower to act as protective perimeter to both the public highway, surrounding properties, whilst simultaneously acting as access for operatives carrying out demolition works.

Each tower was systematically taken down – Slab-Wall-Slab-Wall, construction in reverse order, utilising a series of excavators. In order to ensure the excavators situated on the slabs could accommodate the plants load, Erith’

Project Goals

  • No reportable accidents or incidents recorded throughout the life of the contract
  • Project completed within the desired contract programme
  • Project completed within the contract budget
  • 98.2% of all demolition arisings crushed, processed and subsequently used for infilling voids left of the building footprint.