Case Study // Olympic Park – ODA

Erith undertook the comprehensive civil engineering and hard landscaping package at the North Park of the East London Temporary Supporting Venue.

Scope of Works

Works were phased as areas became available from either enabling works or venue construction with the project delivered in an area of East London with a legacy of industrial uses. The NEC3 contract was over a 15 month period with a peak of 140 staff and operatives . The project produced a series of key quantities across the park, examples include:

  • Importation of 170,000 tonne aggregate as fill
  • 4,750 metres of carrier drainage
  • 1,800 metres of porous drainage
  • 4,000 metres of slot drainage
  • 3,250 metres of kerbs and edging
  • 100,000 square metres of base course
  • 2,500 metres of low voltage ducts
  • 800 metres of communication ducts
  • 130 lighting columns
  • 110,000 square metres of wearing course
  • 150 tree pits
  • 60,000 square metres of surface decorative dressing


Erith implemented the use of:

  • strategic imported material compounds to reduce transport
  • double handling vacuum excavation in the vicinity of services
  • Use of headings under utility corridors to achieve service crossing points
  • adapting works sequences to suite predicted weather
  • drying wearing course to facilitate surface dressing using jet engine heat producing equipment

“We can all be incredibly proud of our exemplary track record in health and safety, as well as security and sustainability, and it now becomes LOCOG’s responsibility to maintain this record. LOCOG will be striving to maintain the highest standards in these areas and the ODA and our contractors will need to support LOCOG and to continue to be on top of our game as we make our contribution.”

Simon Wright – ODA Venues and Infrastructure