Case Study // Taberner House

Erith were employed by Croydon Borough Council to carry out the complete structural demolition of Taberner House, situated in the busy confines of central Croydon. Constructed in the 1960’s, the building spanned 19 stories in height and formerly hosted Croydon Borough Council’s Headquarters.

The multi-storey office block was de-constructed in a controlled top down sequence to the existing ground level, utilising a combination of 13 tonne excavators and one 2.5 tonne skid steer. The project in its entirety also consisted of service isolation and disconnections, scaffold encapsulation, installation of perimeter hoarding and extensive weather proofing to the retained ground floor slab.

Due to the limited access and narrow roads surrounding the site, Erith negotiated arrangements with Croydon Council to change the current road access from a two way street to a one way system. This change enabled a much smoother transition for all lorry movements to and from site; reducing the time taken for deliveries and waste removal due to no oncoming traffic.

Additionally, further control measures were put in place for waste management through the means of scheduled pick-ups. Restrictions were put in place to only enable access for waste removal between the hours of 10:00am – 16:00pm; aimed at reducing vehicular movements in busy peak commuting times.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, all demolition arisings were discharged down the existing lift shafts prior to being sorted and stockpiled by a 30 tonne excavator – achieving a recycling/re-use rate of >97%.