Case Study // Transfynydd Power Station – Gwynedd

Erith were awarded the bulk asbestos removal package to the obtuse bends at the former Trawsfynydd Power Station; located in the Snowdonia National Park, under an NEC Option C form of contract.

The project consists of significant asbestos removal to the obtuse bends, these are located in twelve separate chambers adjacent to the two former reactor cores. The works involve the removal of all asbestos containing materials to the bends and subsequent encapsulation works to the bio shield located in the reactor walls.

Phase One

The first part of the works included the removal of asbestos thermal insulation from the reactor pipework using specialised injection wetting techniques to form part of the decommissioning programme allowing the building to be safely sealed while the reactor cores ‘cooled down’ over the coming years. As the pipework is some200cm in diameter the task of removing the asbestos presented a complex task due to the sheer capacity of the pipe.

Phase Two

Second part of works include sealing of the transition point where the pipework enters the radiation “biosheild” with a proprietary encapsulant to ensure the area is completely safe from asbestos contamination to anyone entering the obtuse bends in the future.

The day to day hazards associated with asbestos removal and the strict regimes required for working within a radiological controlled area was all carried out within a confined working space. Erith’s well established systems for controlling both confined space entry and asbestos removal combined with Magnox’s expertise, training and monitoring systems allowed us to provide a safe working environment for all of our operatives.