Case Study // Wellington House – Greycoat

Erith Contractors were contracted by Greycoat/WT Partnership to carry out the works at Wellington House, 125 The Strand, London WC2R 0AP.

These works consisted of the removal of all Plant Rooms and structures at Roof Level, the total removal of the entire 7th Floor and Central Core from 6th Floor down to Basement level. This included the main staircase and lifts. We also removed the Fire Escape Staircase next to Brettenham House.

Our works also consisted of the total soft strip of all the floors and basement which included the removal of all services but leaving any live services or services that are shared with the businesses at Ground Floor level.

These consisted of Tesco Express, Maplins and The Tup public house. In order to keep the building waterproof we covered the entire 6th Floor with 2 layers of Torch on Felt, this was laid on a plywood deck that was laid to falls to divert the rainwater down the existing storm water pipes.

Wellington House was situated in the heart of one of the most congested areas of London – The Strand.

In order to ensure continuity of transportation, a fully detailed logistical strategy was deployed to ensure methodical trafc ow. Implementations which helped achieve this included:

  • A fully detailed traffic management plan
  • GPS tracking – to avoid stacking vehicles and avoid congested routes
  • Dedicated traffic marshals to co-ordinate safe access
    and egress

“I write to thank you for the celebratory evening you arranged recently for the successful completion of the demolition and enabling works phase at Wellington House. Your team’s enthusiasm and proactive nature has enabled you to complete the removal of the existing roof, including the associated plant, soft strip throughout and extraction of the central core in line with your original programme and on budget. I know we were all thankful for your “shepherding” of the mobile phone contractors and your handling of neighbourly issues, especially the retail tenants at ground floor.”

Jody Pearce – Regional┬áDirector of Waterman Group