Safety 24:7

Erith’s ethos on Health and Safety has strengthened to form the Group’s culture of SAFETY 24:7. In practice, this requires setting an exemplary benchmark through a behavioural based campaign; whilst embedding a health and safety learning legacy and building on past experiences. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is based on delivering our responsibilities in all environmental, economic, social and most imperatively health and safety aspects.

Erith’s Health and Safety performance derives from a combination of bedrock principles and extensive knowledge obtained over many years of experience. Our Health and Safety aspirations are supported by a multitude of core values, procedural implementations and a behavioural safety programme which has been embellished across the business.

Led by our internal health and safety department, we have constructed campaigns which not only focus on the importance of health and wellbeing at the workface; but encompass a 24 hour cycle of health and safety from risk prevention through to occupational health. Driven through our OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation and collaboration with industry bodies, Erith have formulated a series of safety campaigns – including both Safety 24:7 and Seven Steps to Safety. These campaigns have been adopted through working within the most hazardous environments and amongst the most sensitive parameters, including both nuclear power stations and the confines of the city centre.

Erith-20110708-Briefing-9799Erith’s behavioural safety programme Safety 24:7, is based on a three hour presentation focused around a hard hitting documentary which challenges safety in the workplace.

Devised by Erith’s internal Health and Safety Department as part of the groups OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation, the Erith 24-7 behavioural scheme takes site based safety and behaviour to a new level. Operatives are encouraged to think for each other during work activities and the possible effects on their families/home life, should they be involved in an incident. The scheme also encourages employees to stop and think before they undertake a task both at work or at home.

S Wheel

Devised by Erith’s in-house HSEQ department, and as a branch of Erith’s Safety 24:7 behavioural ethos, the campaign focuses on seven key provisions which provide an integrated approach to enable effective health and safety management.

The campaign is due to be rolled out to the entire group by the end of September 2017, with an overview of the following core topics:

  •          Health and Wellbeing
  •          Continuous Improvement
  •          Collaboration
  •          Excellence
  •          Behaviour
  •          Leadership
  •          Quality Assurance
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Erith-SafeCycling-20140408-1618Casualties to vulnerable road users have drastically increased in recent times – in particular pedal cyclist casualties. In 2013, pedestrian and cyclist related incidents equated to 53% of all casualties on London roads; provoking Erith to undertake a number of rigorous and robust safe cycling programmes, including both Exchanging Places and Safer Urban Driving.

With current focus on the safe co-existence between lorries and cyclists, the programmes combine both practical and theoretical training whilst raising awareness of the visibility difficulties presented between both parties.

Erith have collaborated with both the City of London Police and Crossrail recently, to help safeguard vulnerable road users through dedicated workshops.


Phase 2 of Erith’s Behavioural Safety campaign, Seven Steps to Safety, further reflects our commitment to setting the benchmark for the industries’ safety. The campaign itself focuses on seven integral steps in creating a safer working environment, consisting of the following: Pre-Job Briefi­ng · Post Job Briefi­ng · Plan-Check-Do-Review ·Collaboration · Observation · Communication · Preparedness.

Occupational Health and Safety-NEW-6729Health surveillance is the application of systematic, regular and appropriate procedures, which detect early signs of work-related ill-health in employees who are exposed to certain risks and acting on the results. To ensure Erith remain proactive in this respect, we have collaborated with a number of occupational health advisors who provide monitoring for all staff. Monitoring involves the testing of some of the following:

  • Eyesight
  • Hearing
  • Diabetes
  • Blood

Schemes with an extensive contract life have seen Occupational Health and Safety Nurses situated on-site; providing employees the opportunity to drop-in and receive advice on health related issues. This facility in recent times has proved beneficial in the synergy between operative health related issues and their associated trades.

To remain at the forefront of the industries’ health and safety elite, we regularly benchmark ourselves against industry peers. Within the last 12 months our approach and commitment has been recognised across the industry and we have consequently been awarded with the following prestigious accolades:

  • NGPH Best Project Documentation 2017
  • RoSPA Health and Safety Award 2017
  • Considerate Constructors Gold Award 2017