Erith join National Grid for School Presentation at Skegness Academy

This week, members of the Erith site team joined representatives from National Grid Property Holdings to deliver presentations about their current projects and the wider construction industry as a whole.

Erith’s Gavin Craig, Site Manager for the Skegness Gas Holder Demolition, gave the presentation at the Skegness Academy, where pupils were treated to a talk covering all aspects of the construction industry, with a focus on the varied career opportunities available.

145 keen students aged from 13-15 and their teachers attended the talk which covered topics such as what the construction industry entails, the scale of UK construction, who Erith Contractors are and what works we are carrying out in Skegness.

Gavin and his colleagues talked through the process of demolishing a gasholder and the associated works, and then went into great detail regarding the job opportunities within construction. The focus was on conveying that there are a lot more opportunities than some people think within the industry. Job roles discussed included everything from Machine Operators, Site Managers and Environmental Scientists, through to Project Designers, Accounts Staff and Bid Managers.

The visit to Skegness Academy forms part of Erith’s commitment to delivering social-value on the contracts we undertake. We used the opportunity to foster good-will with the local community, dispelling the stigma surrounding demolition works. Presentations such as this also give the next generation a feel for what they could achieve if they pursued a career in the construction industry.

It is events such as this one that contribute to us scoring consistently highly on the Considerate Constructors Scheme on our projects, a feat we repeated at the Skegness Gas Holder works, where we achieved a score of 40/50, considered Excellent by industry standards.

Gavin Craig, who delivered the talk commented: “It is events like this that go a long way to improving the image of the construction industry, and to show those within the local areas what we do for them, and how the work we carry out improves their community. This was the biggest audience I have delivered one of these talks to, and I was happy to see the students enjoying the presentation. The kids loved the goodie bags we handed out and I saw 145 pairs of hands clapping at the end, which was very encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed giving the talk and look forward to the next one.”

Social Value - Goodie Bags