Erith rise to third largest Demolition Contractor in Global rankings

KHL has recently published its annual listing of demolition providers, with Erith Contractors ranked 3rd in the World.

Our formidable growth during 2016, with turnover increasing by 27.5%, saw our accomplishments result in an improvement on our previous ranking of 4th. This momentous rise was recorded as the largest turnover increase, by US$M, in the World.

With numerous high-profile projects currently secured, and a proactive approach to targeting further developments in place, we look forward to another benchmark year to solidify our Global status.

Managing Director David Darsey commented: “2017 marks our 50th anniversary and year on year we continually thrive. To break into the top three demolition contractors in the World demonstrates we continue to lead our company to new heights. This achievement could only be accomplished by the determination and skill of all Erith staff”