Erith strike Gold in ARCA Site Audit Award

Erith are pleased to announce the achievement of the ARCA Gold Site Audit Award for 2017. Within a three-year auditing period, we have accomplished a benchmark grade A for performance, averaged over six inspections.

ARCA audited six sites over this three-year period, analysing our company’s quality control procedures and employee performance. This included our; onsite procedures, overall site control, documentation quality, measuring facilities and monitoring process. Measured and consistent performance proved key in attaining this Gold standard, as the last two audits performed were unannounced – in accordance with ARCA’s new marking procedure.

This accomplishment acknowledges our significant investment in training and continued vigilance in the delivery of the highest standards of onsite health and safety.

Managing Director Tony Darsey commented: “This Gold Site Award demonstrates our ability to synergise ARCA’s high standards with our own practice to manage sites which are both compliant and effective. We have achieved this through the commitment and ability of our senior management and onsite teams”