ErithTV Trial is a Roaring Success

ErithTV LogoFor the past 6 months, Erith have rolled out ErithTV across our offices and several of our major projects.  We are delighted to announce that the feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive.

ErithTV was developed primarily to easily communicate activities and news from all areas of our business in an efficient, illustrative and social manner.  The high-quality imagery, brief descriptions and up-to-date information is delivered across television monitors located in several of our site canteens, allowing staff to see numerous projects from different divisions of the company.  We also air graphics of our latest news, weather warnings, and SHEQ information.

One of the most popular features of ErithTV is a segment called “The Interview Sessions”, where short interviews with Erith staff talk about their role in the organisation, projects they are working on, and their career development.

After the resoundingly successful launch period, will be continuing to air ErithTV across more of our sites in the coming weeks and months.

Senior Systems Analyst and creator of ErithTV, Iain McGregor, commented: “I started working on ErithTV at the start of the year and I am really pleased with how it has developed.  The great thing about ErithTV is that staff from all departments are providing content that can be used, meaning it is always up to date and always growing. We have some good ideas in the pipeline which I am sure will only add to the popularity of the system.”

Erith TV3