Featured Project // Eland House – Tishman Speyer Properties


The building, originally completed in 1996 is of RC construction, was 8 storeys at one end, rising to 11 storeys with a tower structure, with two large internal atria. Both external walls and roof were clad in glazing panels. Erith installed a temporary works system to support 2no 50m jib tower cranes to be located at 7th floor level.

Swanton Consulting, Erith’s temporary Works Engineers and part of the Erith Group, designed a system of bolting a support arm to the existing columns of the building and fixing the other end of the arm to the slab directly beneath the cruciform plates of the tower cranes, transferring the load down through the structure of the building.

When the tower cranes erected a safety handrail system was installed around the whole of the external envelope of the building. As each section of handrail was completed Erith’s team of specialist glaziers and abseilers attached the glazing panels from the roof and moving progressively around the building removed the glass cladding from the building in its entirety. These were lowered into the atrium areas and processed into separate waste streams for recycling. The glass from the panels was taken to a specialist recycling facility, which recycled the materials back into glass products.

When the glazing was removed the supporting steel frame above 8th floor level was also removed.

After the glass panels and supporting structure were removed Erith demolished parts of the RC structure, segregating the materials into waste streams at floor level and lowering the waste to the ground floor by crane for loading and removing to an appropriate recycling facility.

Bressenden Place, London

In September 2014 Erith Contractors Ltd were awarded the contract to soft strip, defenestrate and partially demolish Eland House in Bressenden Place, London SW1.

Erith won the project by demonstrating to the client that the works could be completed by removing the glass curtain walling and roofing system without the use of external scaffolding offering the client a substantial saving in cost and time.

Erith recycled in excess of 98% of the waste materials on this project.