Featured Project // Shrewsbury Silo – English Heritage


In order to execute the deconstruction of the silo, Erith had to conduct an innovative methodology which has never been seen in the UK. Our methodology incorporated the installation of a hydraulic steel podium within the core of the silo; fully equipped with a remote demolition brokk to carry out the demolition in a grid-by-grid sequence. Attached to a mast climber within the core of each tower, the platform was elevated to various heights in order to achieve a fully controlled and safe deconstruction.

In an approach to safeguard and mitigate any environmental impact, the silo was fully encapsulated with fully monarflex scaffolding. The erection of the monarflex scaffolding ensured the integrity of the surrounding listed heritage remain completely unaffected - one of which included the oldest steel framed building in the world.


One of the key challenges of this project was to minimise disruption to the close proximity listed structures. To help minimise dust, noise and vibration of the works delivered, Erith implemented an environmental monitoring programme to review the impact of the demolition activity with subsequent reports available should any parties require copies.

Shrewsbury, Shropshire

The Shrewsbury Silo was constructed in the 1950’s with the site occupying a 1797 mill – the first iron framed building of its kind.

Employed by English Heritage, Erith undertook the demolition and deconstruction works as part of the first stage of an intricate regeneration scheme. At the heart of the demolition works saw the demolition of the 1950’s grain storage silo.

Within the silo sat fifteen reinforced concrete storage towers, necessitating carefully controlled demolition to accommodate for the grade 1 listed buildings in immediate vicinity to the works.

Project Goals

  • 97.4% of all hardcore demolition arisings were crushed on site with Erith's in-house crusher
  • Erith executed the works on programme, within budget, reporting no health and safety incidents


Erith have done a first class job, completing the project on time, but to have done so with sensitivity both to the local people and to the adjacent historic buildings. There were of course issues that had to be overcome, but the professionalism of the workforce on site to get the job completed has been excellent.

Tim Johnston

Ditherington Flax Mills - Project Director