As part of redevelopment and refurbishment programmes, Erith’s earthworks, demolition and asbestos removal divisions have served the retail sector for many years. Earthwork, Remediation and Infrastructure projects have been undertaken to accommodate suitable construction platforms and to remediate former brownfield sites accordingly.

In many scenarios, the Group’s demolition arm have collaborated with our in-house design subsidiary (Swanton Consulting) to mitigate the disruption to any live trading operations. This process has been achieved through the means of innovative engineering and complex temporary propping.

Asbestos removal is an integral part of an all-encompassing retail refurbishment programme. Works with large chain high street stores and upmarket retail establishments have led to the development of strategic methodologies and efficient processes. As a business we have pioneered fast track techniques which ensure retail stores remain operational or return to trade as quickly as possible preventing loss of revenue.

Project Oriana Tesco