Temporary Works | Construction Planning | Verification & Inspection | Structural Assessments

Erith’s in-house design team, Swanton Consulting, specialises in the design of: temporary works, deep basement, facade retention, retaining walls, specialist structural elements and contractor delegated design elements.

Swanton Consulting – a team of civil and structural engineers and technicians. These are led by Chartered Engineers with wide experience of contracting and consulting practice. As a specialist within the field, we pride ourselves in providing a flexible, responsive and innovative design service.

Services include:

  • Temporary Works
  • Structural Assessment
  • Independent Verification
  • Demolition Design
  • Construction Planning
  • Temporary Support Structures
  • Façade Retention & Party Wall Support
  • Formwork and Falsework
  • Deep Excavation Support
  • Scaffold Inspections
  • Geotechnics
  • Concrete Frame Construction

Swantest – a specialist testing and monitoring sub-division of Swanton. Swantest provide detailed test, inspection, verifications and installation of materials across the construction and demolition industry. Our team of experienced engineers have the ability to design test regimes, implement on site detailed reports across a wide range of projects, providing clients with clarification.

Specialist Training –  Swanton Training aim to improve the quality of training provisions within the temporary works sector; currently offering a number of courses related to the establishment of the formal management procedures outlined in BS5975.

This is based upon:

  • Every day practical experience of large temporary works
  • Ability to add value with a wide scope of related consultancy
  • Use of specialist trainers
  • Industry leaders in temporary works design and supervision