One Hyde Park – Laing O’Rourke

One Hyde Park, London One Hyde Park involved haulage and logistical support to allow the facilitation of the construction of One Hyde Park apartments -located in the heart of Knightsbridge,…

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Erith’s FORS gold accredited haulage services have the capability to provide a full package, with limited need to sub-contract work; thus enabling us to provide a high quality service and one which does not get greatly affected by long supply chains. Erith have both waste transfer and disposal facilities allowing us to transfer waste and contaminates from remediation, demolition and asbestos sites.

Forming the starting point of the company some forty ­five years ago, Erith’s Haulage department boasts a large fleet of lorries, fully equipped with the latest safety features to ensure the safest possible interface with cyclists and pedestrians. With the latest government focus being placed on the safe co-existence of both cyclists and lorries, especially within London, Erith have installed the following features to our fleet:

  • Automatic daytime lighting
  • Additional front/side view mirrors
  • Side guards

In line with our policy of continuous improvement, Erith are consistently seeking ways to remain at the forefront of the industry and pledge to maintain our fleet to the highest possible standards. This can be demonstrated through our membership of CLOCS working group – Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety – and recent certification in Road Traffic Safety – BSI ISO 39001:2012.

Recent years have seen Erith Haulage’s prominent involvement within large scale projects such as the Olympic park development and Kingsgate House within central London.

In addition, Erith’s environmental considerations have resulted in a signifi­cant reduction in the amount of waste con­verted to landfi­ll – making recycling and reuse of materials an imperative factor in the management and operation of our fleet. GPS Tracking is used to monitor each lorry, allowing for responsive mobilisation periods and efficient route planning to help keep emissions to a minimum.

For Erith, Safety is item one on the agenda and as a result the Group have invested heavily in training. Not only has training been provided to its drivers, but in a commitment to deliver a better than best practice approach, Erith have implemented initiatives to raise awareness to road users who remain vulnerable on the road. Training and initiatives of recent times include:

  • Exchanging Places – collaborating with Crossrail and the City of London Police, Erith helped raise awareness of the difficulties of driving a HGV – exchanging places with cyclists
  • NVQ Level 2 – all Erith’s drivers have undertaken an NVQ Level 2 in driver competency
  • Safe Urban Driving Course – the FORS accredited course is the first course in the UK to combine practical and theoretical training; counting towards the 35 hours Driver Certificate of Professional Competence that lorry drivers must complete.