Resources and Facilities

resources_DSC1021Erith operate one of the UK’s largest and most diverse ranges of plant and transport. Our fleet of FORS Gold accredited vehicles are integral in servicing our contractual arm of the business. Erith prides itself in delivering all our services from our in-house pool of diverse resources; we offer a competitive single source solution, purposefully refined to serve the construction industry. The benefits of our in-house resources are unrivalled within the industry, including some of the following:

  • Restoration Facility – Erith operate a 37 hectare restoration facility. This facility lies on the western edge of the London Borough of Havering and is located within the River Beam Valley green corridor.
  • 6.5 Acre Treatment and Logistics Facility – Anchor Bay Wharf is a 6.5 acre treatment and logistics facility; with road and river access our site can be utilised for barge disposal. The wharf also houses our Transport and Logistics arm of the business; maintaining our haulage fleet of over 60 FORS Gold compliant vehicles. The facility also obtains permits which allow us to undertake the following operations:
    • Storage of hazardous waste
    • Crushing, screening and processing of aggregates
    • Dismantling and deconstruction of electrical transformers
  • Waste Transfer Station – Erith operate a 24 hour waste transfer station which facilitates the storage of hazardous waste.
  • Swanton Consulting – In house specialist engineering, providing unique skills for the refurbishment, alteration and demolition of complex building structures. Our team of experienced engineers create both practical and cost effective solutions for complex façade retentions and temporary work schemes within the industry.
  • Erith Training Services – Erith’s in-house training division; Erith Training Services Ltd, headed by our Training Director, Robert Williams, enhances the training capabilities of all internal employees and provides an external source of training for similar industry providers.Erith Training Services Ltd enables deeper analysis of the training needs of employees and partners, ensuring any gaps in training are identified and training solutions are provided, strengthening the competency of all individuals. The service ensures that each employee is suitably trained for their specific role, fully qualified and kept up to date with all training that an individual may need.
  • Erith Plant Services – Erith’s in-house plant hire service, Erith Plant Services Ltd, offer a wide and diverse range of plant hire services; serving both our internal operational demands and externally to similar industry providers. This service ensures that as a business we have the resources to undertake all works utilising our own internal fleet of plant, mitigating the dependency on external plant hire providers. Acting as one of our core support services, Erith Plant Services Ltd helps facilitates a constant stream of plant exhaustive requirements. This service is integral in ensuring our contracting arm of the business is operating at the highest level of productivity