Work Begins at Fire Damaged Crowmarsh Building

Erith Contractors have begun the demolition process of the South Oxfordshire District Council office building in Crowmarsh.  The office was one of three buildings targeted in a series of arson attacks in 2015, causing an estimated £20 million worth of damage.  After plans of salvaging and renovating were deemed unfeasible, the council finally decided to demolish the building in its entirety and rebuild.

Erith have worked within the confines of fire-damaged buildings recently, having undertaken the restoration works at Clandon Park House in Guildford.  The damage caused at Crowmarsh from the fire was unfortunately too severe to consider restoration.  We have now commenced the structural demolition of the building including the grubbing up of the foundations.

Demolition works started on site in early July with a scheduled completion date of mid-September this year.

Our Contracts Manager for this project, Scott Dawson, commented: “I’m really pleased with the progress we have made so far.  Having worked on fire damaged buildings before, we know that the structural integrity of the building is always a high risk.  We are working our way carefully and methodically through the offices, with the safety of the workforce being our top priority.”