Celebrating Youth Football Excellence
Published by Erith on 25 June 2024


Erith was proud to be the main sponsor for the annual Hayden Youth Football Tournament. Held last weekend, under 4 miles from our Head Office, the tournament brought together young talents, enthusiastic coaches, and passionate supporters for an exhilarating two-day event. With 130 teams representing Kent, London, and Surrey, the tournament showcased the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and skill development.

🌟 Key Highlights:

  • 300 games played across various age groups, from the littlest kickers aged 6 to the seasoned players aged 15.
  • A total of approximately 1500 players laced up their boots, dribbled, passed, and scored their hearts out.
  • The sidelines buzzed with excitement as 3000 spectators cheered and clapped in support of their favourite teams.

🔵 Why Erith Supports Youth Football:

  • We believe in empowering the next generation through sports.
  • Football teaches discipline, teamwork, and resilience—skills that extend beyond the pitch.
  • Erith is passionate about fostering community spirit and creating lasting memories.


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