Alma Estate Phase 2A
Following on from an earlier phase, we were employed by Countryside Properties to undertake phase 2A of a 10-year redevelopment scheme in Enfield, North London. 
Due to be completed by 2028, the regeneration project will see nearly 1,000 new homes built in the area with more than £315 million being invested. This phase included the demolition of two 22 storey blocks – Merlin House and Cormorant House.
Technical challenges
One of the key challenges on this project was the proximity of local schools and residential properties to the site.
We fostered excellent relationships with the Oasis Academy, St Matthews Primary School and Alma Primary School and liaised with them throughout.

A strict logistics management plan was implemented to ensure no lorry or HGV movements occurred between the hours of 8am-9am and 3pm- 4pm.


Due to the location of the site, we also had to manage the constraint of a live Network Rail station and track running close by.

The multi-storey towers were demolished to ground level via a top-down deconstruction method. The block was encapsulated with scaffolding erected to the building’s full height and flame retardant Monarflex. This, along with the exclusion zones, provided full protection from dust, noise and debris to the surrounding areas (including the rail track 85m away from our works).

The full scope of works involved asbestos removal, scaffolding installation, demolition of buildings, removal of trees, foliage and vegetation, clearance of debris and rubbish from sites and removal of arisings.
The project was successfully completed within the required timeframe and within the client’s budget.
Archaeological investigations

During the contract, archaeological investigations were carried out with 16 trenches dug across the site.

Additional works

The project also included the demolition of a two-storey substation, a concrete framed caretaker’s office adjacent to Cormorant House and the brick-built district heating boiler house following removal of all of the internal plant and boiler tanks. The reinstatement of the new district heating pipework was also managed as part of the project.

Summary of service 
Asbestos Removal
Scaffolding installation
Demolition of buildings in accordance with BS 6187, including footings and foundations 
Removal of trees, foliage and vegetation 
Clearance of debris and rubbish from sites 
Removal of arisings