NHS Grampian
Since October 2018, we have been the sole provider of asbestos removal and remediation works for NHS Grampian, covering the expansive Grampian region in the North East of Scotland.
NHS Grampian consists of acute and corporate services and three Community Health Partnerships. We are responsible for providing planned, and reactive asbestos removal works to multi-site environments consisting of several buildings across the region.
Technical challenges
We are often required to undertake concurrently running and sequentially planned works that need intricate planning and programming. 
The area we cover extends from Forres in the Northwest across to Cullen in the East, Tomintoul in the West and Laurencekirk in the South.

The works are categorised by strict response times, providing 24/7 in and out-of-hour 365 days a year response to:

Emergency – Immediate risk to persons or delivery of healthcare – within two hours

Urgent – Significant risk to persons or delivery of healthcare – within 24 hours

Important – Minimal risk to persons or delivery of healthcare – within two weeks

Routine – Minimal risk to persons or delivery of healthcare – within four weeks

Our role requires working closely with the NHS framework analytical company and property facility services contractor to complete multiple reactive and planned asbestos removal tasks.    

Our work for NHS Grampian is ongoing. Examples of recent projects include asbestos removal works within the Special Block, Lift Mortar Room and a complex, large-scale asbestos removal project in the Link Building. 

Working on ‘live’ hospital sites brings many challenges and involves pre-start stakeholder involvement and consultation, then detailed planning and policing of works.  

For example, the congested nature of the surroundings requires careful planning and design of enclosure sizes, footprints, and construction. Transiting of double-bagged waste through occupied areas means that careful consideration is given to the location of skips/decontamination units and the use of sealed wheeled containers to move waste.  

 Achieving negative pressure is difficult and requires planning, pre-start involvement, discussions and agreement with the client’s appointed analytical company, over and above additional negative pressure units (NPU) capacity calculated and added. 

Designing out dead spots within enclosures requires planning and design of enclosure sizes, footprints, use of NPU roving heads, and pre-filtered air inlets incorporated into the enclosures at points where air movement is required. 

 Being unable to vent NPU to the external atmosphere is another challenge which requires venting NPU exhausts into unoccupied areas. Careful planning at the pre-construction phase involving the analytical provider enables a suitable and sufficient air monitoring strategy to be developed for each area and scenario.   

The contract works include remediation (encapsulation and reinstatement) and complete removal of asbestos-containing materials from occupied and public accessible premises, including disposal of any waste arising from works.
Regular communication with the client is essential to this contract.
Daily and weekly project meetings are held, including additional involvement with subcontractors and supply chain to ensure all trades are aligned with each project’s goals, aims, and objectives.  
Custom dashboard

We present a status of all completed and live works via a detailed custom dashboard, providing the opportunity for capturing improvement ideas, learning from experience, and addressing any issues that may arise.  

Monitored performance

NHS Grampian carries out a formal review following completion of work under each work order using the Contractor Performance Assessment KPIs, discussed during six monthly meetings. KPI performance is monitored against timescale attendanceadherence, SHEQwork plan adherence, site cleanliness, complaints, defects/snagging, cost accuracy and final account presentation.  

Safe working procedures

Our safe working procedures aim to minimise disruption and disturbance to both the building occupiers and users – as far as reasonably practicable – using a blend of flexible working hours. 

Summary of service 
Asbestos removal
Enabling works
Remediation (encapsulation and reinstatement)