Project Light
We undertook the site clearance and demolition, sheet and secant piling, bearing piles, excavation and construction of the basement at Project Light in Canada Water, Southwark, London.
Technical Challenge
The site was located within a densely populated residential area and surrounded by new developments in Canada Water.
Works were carried out under a Section 61 with Southwark Council.

This detailed strict agreements for noise, dust and vibration monitoring as well as vehicle movements and working hours.

The project was carried out under a design and build contract for our client, Sellar Property Group.

WSP were employed as our structural and drainage engineers.

Works included the excavation and installation of the lower basement with sheet piling and the installation of horizontal and raking props forming the temporary works for the project.
The Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) were in attendance due to the potential archaeological interest in the site.

The former Surrey Docks, which operated from the mid 19th century, were used as a timber storage pond and later a dry dock.  Alluvial deposits outside the dock cuttings on the site may have contained evidence of the prehistoric landscape as a previous investigation on the site recorded peats dating to the Bronze Age.  Bulk excavation was carried out carefully to expose the existing listed dry dock without causing any damage.


A pressurised cast-iron storm water drainage system was installed which discharged in to Canada Water.  The drainage system incorporated a bespoke cofferdam design to enable the installation of the outfalls.


The installation of a CDP waterproofing system included a membrane of Preprufe plus providing waterproofing and gas resistance.  The basement slab was installed using a Xypex waterproof concrete slab.

Summary of service
Bulk excavation
Basement construction
Temporary works