SABIC – Central Control
SABIC employed us to carry out the decontamination, demolition, dismantling and site clearance of its Central Control storage and distribution facilities. 
The SABIC Central Control logistics facility is located on the Wilton site, about one mile south of the River Tees estuary. The Wilton site, developed from agricultural land from 1947 onward, was originally wholly owned by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). The site infrastructure is designed and structured to provide integrated services. A power station with the ability to use a variety of feedstock was established in the formative years. This, together with the ample supply of water and good transport infrastructure (road, rail and sea links), makes the site an ideal location for high-efficiency operations.  
Technical challenges
The SABIC site is classified as a ‘dematch’ area, with strict control of all ignition sources.
It is strictly prohibited to carry mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, other personal electronic devices and any other battery-powered equipment onto the Central Control area. 
Prior to works commencing, site establishment included the erection of security fences and gates.  Fully instructive structural investigations were carried out before all asbestos containing and other hazardous materials were removed and disposed of.    Residual product in all process plant and equipment was recovered before dismantling and removal of pipework could commence.   

Demolition arisings that were suitable for use as fill material for site voids were processed on site. 

Redundant pipe bridges were segregated from live pipe bridges with suitable additional supports designed and installed for the retained pipe bridges. 

The works involved the removal of hazardous insulating material, decontamination, demolition, dismantling and site clearance of the SABIC Central Control storage and distribution facilities with the limited and strictly controlled use of hot work or deliberate collapse of various equipment, tanks, plant structures, pipework/cables/pipe bridges. 
We worked collaboratively with  SABIC and RVA to ensure that works were carried out to an exceptionally high standard and as a result SABIC shared the observed standards across their other projects on Teesside.  
Summary of service 
Site establishment
Structural investigation
Removal and disposal of all insulation from pipework and equipment
Removal and disposal of all asbestos-containing/other hazardous materials
Recovery and disposal of residual product in all process plant/equipment
Soft Stripping
Protection of existing services
Dismantling and removal of pipework and cables
Removal of all ground floor slabs where basements exist
Plugging and sealing of redundant underground pipework/sewer connections