Building Information Modelling
Published by Erith on 30 September 2021

We are committed to long term client partnerships, a central feature of which is the provision of a high quality service using a multi-disciplined, skills based approach and includes the implementation of Building Information  Modelling (BIM) across our business.

BIM is a collaborative way of working which, underpinned by digital technology, aims to produce more efficient working methods for construction projects and enabling works. A designer inputs data into a program to produce an accurate 3D/4D representation of what their calculations will result in. Used effectively, BIM will mitigate for risks within a project’s delivery by providing simulation at the pre-construction phase.

Our designers are using structural and geotechnical modelling techniques linked to 3D/4D design models to illustrate enabling works methodologies and logistics sequences, challenge designs and influence material selection. This is helping us to improve the overall carbon footprint and reduce life cycle costs of our projects as well as demonstrating to both experienced personnel and people with minimal experience of complex enabling works, how we will safely undertake a project whilst minimising disruption to surrounding stakeholders.

BIM has featured in the successful delivery of a growing number of our projects and our customers who benefit from this cite the advantages of project visualisation, optimised build times and quality of delivery as just some of the many benefits of working in a collaborative environment.

We are committed to continuing the development of BIM and, in so doing, remaining at the forefront of delivering an exceptional service by collaborating with our customers and supply chain.

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