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Erith utilise our breadth of industrial sector experience in the decommissioning of operational and redundant pharmaceutical facilities. Complex schemes often involve the dismantling of large steel structures which have been heavily contaminated over many years of operation. Working within the vicinity of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants often involves handling large amounts of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. As a business we have been able to utilise our longstanding relationship with recycling facilities to obtain optimum value of material salvage and reduce client’s expenditure on large scale demolition schemes.

Examples of asset protection schemes within our portfolio include some of the following:


Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities have been at the pinnacle of Erith’s industrial reputation in recent years; operating nationally on diverse and complex schemes. Former cement works, quarries, wharfs and dockyards are just a few projects which have encompassed Erith’s asbestos, demolition, remediation and waste management divisions. Projects of this nature require the ability to work in close proximity with waterfronts; necessitating continuous communication with Environmental Agencies, statutory authorities and existing stakeholders to mitigate the Group’s environmental impact. A prudent example of a contract which incorporated all the Group’s capabilities was the demolition, asbestos removal and remediation of Lafarge Tarmac’s Northfleet Cement Works – the largest Demolition sequence in Europe at the time.

Lafarge Chatham Docks Westferry Printworks


Erith’s Earthworks, Remediation and Infrastructure division have been heavily involved in the utilities sector for decades. Land remediation schemes on former gasworks, electrical transmission sites and coal carbonisation facilities have showcased Erith’s expertise in the decontamination field. Specialist technologies such as stabilisation, bio augmentation and bio-remediation are just a few techniques which the group have deployed in recent times. In addition to remediation, Erith’s asbestos and demolition divisions have interpolated themselves within a heavy maintenance required sector requiring maven skills such as confined space training and EDF/UKPN key holder competence.

Bankside Sub-station Gloucester Gasworks Bell Green

Power Stations

Erith have shown a considerable involvement in the decommissioning of power stations across the years, as a result of the prominent focus placed on the environmental effects of such operations. Working under controlled conditions and managing material which has been exposed to radiation, Erith have been able to deploy our expertise in the field of demolition, decontamination and remedial works. We are currently involved in some prestigious nuclear decommissioning frameworks; partnering Magnox Ltd, Dounreay Restoration Limited and Research Sites Restoration Limited.

Bradwell Power Station