Engineering and Geotechnical
Specialist engineering and geotechnical consulting
Swanton Consulting is a specialist engineering company providing unique skills for the refurbishment, alteration and demolition of complex structures. Our team of experienced engineers, led by Simon Bahaire, create both practical and cost-effective solutions for some of the most complex temporary works schemes within the industry.
Specialist engineering and geotechnical consulting
A team of civil and structural engineers and technicians with wide contracting and consulting experience, led by Chartered Engineers

Swantest is our specialist structural testing, investigation, remedial and strengthening solutions department for complex projects.

Providing site-based solutions, Swantest can deliver results for any complex project.

Swantest specialises in:​

  • Structural surveys and investigation
  • Load capacity tests
  • Structural alterations and strengthening
  • Balcony and barrier tests
  • Real time monitoring
  • Anchor and fixings tests
  • Preloading and torque loading
  • Geotechnical tests
  • 3D Point cloud surveys
  • Hydraulic lifting and jacking
  • Weld inspections
Specialist Training

Swanton Training aims to improve the quality of training provisions within the temporary works sector; currently offering a number of courses related to the establishment of the formal management procedures outlined in BS5975.

All our trainers are currently practicing Chartered Engineers so all experiences and examples are current and appropriate ensuring directed and targeted learning for our clients

Further information

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Specialist enabling activities
Temporary works
Deep basements, inclusive of pile design, propping and permanent works
Façade retention schemes
Retaining walls
Specialist structural elements
Contractor delegated design elements
Geotechnical and ground movement analysis
Core stability checking
Included within our skill set and experience, is ground movement analysis and modelling through staged demolition and construction sequences being able to look at the impacts on surrounding assets through impact assessments