Haulage and Logistics
Our FORS Gold-accredited haulage services have the capability to provide a full package with limited need to subcontract work
Accredited to the BSI 39001:2012 Road Traffic Management System and the Construction and Logistics Safety Scheme (CLOCs), our haulage business drives positive change to Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality practices across the industry.
Haulage and logistics
A large suite of lorries and vehicles equipped with industry-leading safety equipment

Erith Haulage has an extensive track record with large, multi-site projects collaborating with an assortment of Tier 1 contractors and projects include delivery of the prestigious Olympic Park, HS2 and Crossrail projects.   We believe that a partnered approach and a flexible suite of services are key to exceeding client requirementsoften when there are multiple stakeholders. We are committed to a working collaboratively and embrace the fundamental importance of inclusion and continued improvement of our working practices.  Erith Haulage promotes early contractor involvement offering the benefits of innovation and experience from our extensive resource pool. We can support all project planning elements with strategic management routing in conjunction with compliance, to associated planning conditions and key performance indicators.   

Latest technology

Our vehicles are fitted with tracker systems, providing real time GPS position monitoring, speed, and directional data, which allows the logistics team to route lorries to reduce congestion, minimise our carbon footprint and maximise efficiency. The system also features an analytics suite which allows us to monitor idling, braking, and acceleration trends which help us to improve our operator training by delivering targeted Toolbox Talks and highlighting areas of risk. Our vehicles are fitted with 360 degree recording cameras which are visible on a monitor to the driver in the cab and this helps to minimise blind spots and improve visibility 

Training and development

Safety is item one on the agenda and the Erith Group has invested significantly in operator and driver training. 

Our commitment to deliver a better than best practice approach using Toolbox talks and classroom sessions helps us to maintain our position as a market leader but we realise that we are not alone in improving the safety on our roads. We have implemented initiatives to raise awareness of road users who remain vulnerable whilst on the road. 

Side under-run guards
designed to fill the space between the front and rear axles on heavy goods vehicles. Sideguards can greatly benefit the safety of vulnerable road users and reduce the likelihood of fatalities, particularly for cyclists who may be unsighted by vehicles who are turning left. With sideguards fitted, the chances of being dragged underneath the chances are reduced, along with the likelihood of serious injury.
Side Guard Covers
The addition of side guard covers provides protection to vulnerable road users from becoming entangled. Research has shown that a flat panel fixed over the under-run bars such as side guards can significantly reduce the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a collision with pedestrians, pushchairs, or bicycles.
Fresnel Lenses
a visual device for drivers. It covers the blind spot by the passenger door which is frequently the cause of collisions between heavy goods vehicles and cyclists.
360 Degree cameras
Vehicle mounted CCTV visually alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user or vehicle in the blind spots. The system reduces the chances of an incident occurring as the driver is likely to be aware of the presence of a cyclist, pedestrian or vehicle before manoeuvring.
Vulnerable road user warning signage
this easy to fit method of raising awareness of the dangers of undertaking heavy goods vehicles. Cyclists who undertake lorries frequently put themselves in danger if they do not realise the vehicle is about to turn left.
Class 6 Mirrors
helps to increase the field of vision for the driver in the blind spot directly in front of the vehicle
Proximity Warning System
alerts the driver to the potential danger on the near side of the vehicle. The lorry will detect any person or object within close proximity of the vehicles’ near side and alert the lorry driver audibly and visually on a buzzer/display located in the driver’s cab.
Audible warning equipment
An audible alert fitted to the outside of the vehicles nearside, working in conjunction with the vehicle equipment which alerts cyclists or pedestrians as the vehicle makes a left-hand turn ‘Caution! This vehicle is turning left.’
Lower vision panel
Increased direct vision for the driver to the nearside of the vehicle with a transparent panel fitted.
Automated load sheeting
Automated Load sheeting – used to prevent loss of load during transit as required by the Road Traffic Act 1991.