AWE Aldermaston
We were appointed by the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston to undertake a multi-phased asbestos removal scheme across several individual buildings and locations.
The AWE is responsible for the design, manufacture and support of warheads for the United Kingdom’s nuclear weapons. The site is a high-security area and extremely sensitive environment, with stringent access protocols.
Technical challenges
This nuclear weapons site is an extremely high-security area with stringent access protocols.
We were involved with protocols right from the mobilisation stage to ensure all staff held the correct clearance level. 

AWE is tasked to help the United Kingdom maintain a credible and effective minimum nuclear deterrent.  Works were planned and executed in detail to maintain on-site activities and adhere to strict confidentiality procedures. Permits to work were in place and signed off prior to any works commencing.

Area conservation was also an important factor during this job.  The whole site team worked together to ensure the conservation of the area and that existing wildlife were considered when planning the work area construction.

We utilised dedicated security cleared delivery team, consisting of six to eight operatives and two supervisors and resourced from our head office in Kent to provide a 365, 24/7 highly responsive in and out-of-hours service.  

Health and Safety was at the forefront of our operations for the duration of the project. A full check of each work zone was carried out by the site manager at the end of every shift, in addition to the daily pre/post job briefings given to each operative on site.   

All works were completed with zero reportable health and safety incidents. 

We were employed to carry out asbestos removal across multiple sites on behalf of the AWE.
We were appointed to start works on this multi-phased asbestos removal scheme in May 2020.  
Security clearance

Having initially been granted access via a visitor pass system, all our operational staff were given the required Security Clearance vetting.  The site and individual buildings included a range of test facilities and laboratories, all deemed as an extremely sensitive environment


The types of asbestos present were in the form of amosite, crocidolite and chrysotile in various materials. Mechanical aids were used to remove the external steam and condenser pipework, with hand tools used for the removal of all other materials present.


Various non-licensed materials were also removed as part of this project. These included cement, textiles, mastic, and pipework with a paper vapour barrier below MMMF insulation.   

Notifiable works

All notifiable works were carried out under fully controlled conditions with direct connected decontamination units. The notifiable materials included pipe insulation, residues, debris and asbestos insulating board (AIB). 

Phase one

We successfully completed phase one of the works at the Aldermaston site, which included licensed asbestos removal from seven buildings and external pipework in August 2020. Phase two, which included asbestos removal from external steam mains on a 12-acre site as well as AC bike sheds and three buildings was completed in March 2021. 

Phase two

Phase two at the Burghfield site was completed in June 2020 and included licensed asbestos removal from three buildings and external pipework.  

Summary of service 
Licensed asbestos removal
Non-licensed asbestos removal