Transport is essential to the economy and work in the sector requires adaptability and skill.
Asbestos was widely used throughout rail networks, in stations, signal boxes and outbuildings. It was also use to insulate signalling and other electrical equipment beside the railway line. Transport continuation is fundamental to the economy and requires us to remain adaptable and work at the most unsociable hours. Operatives often need to work within confined spaces and overnight. Our 24 hour waste transfer station gives us the capability to work throughout the night.
Early contractual engagement drives client value and innovation and delivers safety, programme and cost benefits
We have been part of many high profile station redevelopment schemes, notably Victoria Station upgrade and Blackfriars Station redevelopment. With a formidable presence within the heart of the Capital, we have implemented innovative solutions when working near major railway and highway networks. Early contractual engagement, protective perimeters and extensive environmental monitoring are all implemented to help mitigate any disruptions to active transport networks.