We offer unrivalled expertise in the decommissioning of nuclear power stations and facilities across the UK. The nuclear sector requires intricate coordination and technical expertise with Health, Safety and Environmental focus at the forefront
We provide a turnkey single source solution to decommissioning schemes, from initial remediation surveys and advice, to temporary works through to decontamination, dismantling and waste management. With extensive experience perpetuated through framework agreements with Magnox, RSRL and Dounreay, we have pioneered best practices for the safe deplant, demolition and decontamination of licenced nuclear facilities, to become one of the best within the industry.
The demolition and asbestos removal from nuclear facilities requires a methodical approach and extreme care managing material exposed to radiation under controlled conditions.
Many nuclear projects have required us to engage with our internal design specialists – Swanton Consulting. Swanton and their in-house testing division have helped facilitated lifting capacities, component testing and complex scaffold designs all of which are imperative to the seamless delivery of a nuclear decommissioning contract.