Ebbsfleet – On-site Infrastructure
As the earthworks phases progress the works turn to the delivery of the primary infrastructure to service the development parcels.
The local Fastrack bus service between Gravesend and Dartford runs through the site and as well as constructing the dedicated road network for the buses we will be involved in the construction of a 100m long tunnel through a chalk escarpment to divert the buses into Bluewater shopping centre.
Technical challenges
To allow early delivery of the Fastrack, and to aid the pumping of Western Cross lake, over the winters of 2019 and 2020 we deposited 520,000m3 of material to form causeways across the lake.

To underline our sustainability ethos, all of the materials used in the roads and footpaths are recycled. The majority coming from our on-site Washmills recycling facility which takes material from demolition contracts and processes it into a range of aggregates.

On-site infrastructure works have included roads, footpaths and drainage.
Pumping stations

So as not to overload the local sewerage network, the site has to be responsible for its own foul water.  To date we have constructed two new deep wet well pumping stations, laid over 1km of pumping and constructed a new waste water treatment works.  The WWTW is the first of three planned to be built.

When the works are complete it is anticipated we will have completed:
20km of primary road and footpath
18km of foul and storm drainage
22 km of storm drainage
200ha of green public space