Shell Tower
Overbury PLC employed us to undertake the removal of asbestos-containing materials throughout the Shell Tower, on London’s famous South Bank.
Works at the Shell Tower included fully controlled removal of sprayed insulation, removal of thermal insulation and removal of debris/residuesFurther works entailed fully controlled encapsulation of various asbestos-containing materials.  
Technical challenges
The building remained live throughout the duration of the works.
The building is Shell’s European headquarters and is inhabited by hundreds of staff. Situated adjacent to the Coca Cola London Eye, thousands of tourists pass through the surrounding area daily. The building is marked as a building of interest due to its size and location.

Access and egress from the building was a particular challenge that we overcame when delivering the contract.  Due to the nature of the live business activities at Shell Tower, we could not utilise space on the ground floor for waste bins or a material laydown area.  All deliveries were meticulously planned, taking into consideration other contractors on site and were transported from the ground floor to the 11th floor utilising a hoist before being distributed throughout the building. 

We successfully managed the closure of floors where works were taking place, mitigating any adverse impact on building occupants. As the building remained occupied, works were conducted both day and night. Night works were undertaken to ensure little or no disruption to the daily operations during normal working hours. Areas where night works were carried out included the main reception area, lift shafts and various other areas on occupied floors throughout the 27 floors and three sub-basement levels. 

During the project, labour peaked at 120 asbestos removal operatives.

Due to the space constraints, a purpose-built DCU was constructed within the basement area to facilitate all operatives.  

The full scope of works at Shell Tower included fully controlled removal of sprayed insulation, removal of thermal insulation, removal of debris/residues and fully controlled encapsulation of various asbestos-containing materials.  
The project was subject to weekly and daily audits by our internal audit team, Overbury PLC, and the overall client, Shell. Following these client audits, the project was scored as “exceptional”. 

Asbestos was removed from locations including:

  • Lift shafts
  • Steel beams and columns
  • Concrete soffits and walls
  • Floor materials, such as screed and slabs.
Summary of service 
Removal of sprayed insulaiton
Removal of thermal insulation
Removal of debris/residues
Fully controlled encapsulation of various asbestos-containing materials