Ebbsfleet – Off-site Infrastructure – S278 works
To aid the connectivity of the site and to prevent congestion on the local road network we have provided a number of local road improvement schemes at Ebbsfleet.
These improvements enable improved accessibility around the area for existing residents.
Fastrack buses connect Bluewater Shopping Centre and Ebbsfleet International.
Our works have included the construction of various new roundabouts across Ebbsfleet.

Southfleet Road Roundabout is a new four arm roundabout constructed off line and consisted of:

500m two lane carriageway

Gas main diversion

HV and LV diversion

Direction drill new water main

Stormwater attenuation basins

Southfleet Road widening consisted of:

Three entrances to Castle Hill and Ebbsfleet Green

Two controlled pedestrian crossings

One uncontrolled pedestrian crossing

600m footpath improvement

Relocated bus stop

Pedestrian connectivity to Ebbsfleet International

Hedge Place Roundabout improves and increases the capacity of an existing roundabout and consisted of:

New arm providing entrance to Alkerden

Increased size of existing arms

Two controlled pedestrian crossings

Gas and watermain diversion

Gabion retaining walls


All of the many phases of these works involved extensive precontract liaison between us and Kent County Council to ensure the necessary traffic plans satisfied all parties requirements and did not impact on other schemes in the area.  Works in this area are subject to an “embargo” by Bluewater Shopping Centre, meaning we have to plan works to avoid any road restrictions in December and January.

During the construction phases constant liaison and communication was maintained between us, KCC, other contractors and stakeholders.