Tax Strategy 2020
Published by Erith on 28 June 2021

Erith Contractors Ltd (01102060), Erith Haulage Company Ltd (01025130), Erith Plant Services Ltd (09124389), Erith Training Ltd (09661265), Erith Business Solutions Ltd (09923076) and Swanton Consulting Ltd (07307244) are subsidiaries of Erith Holdings Ltd (02586308) collectively known as The Erith Group. The group is a multi-disciplined 24/7 Enabling Contractor working within the UK Construction Sector and for both private and public clients.

The Erith Group strives to attain full compliance with all statutory obligations. Ultimate responsibility for The Erith Group’s tax strategy and governance resides with the main Board of Directors.

Our UK Tax Strategy is published in compliance with Finance Act 2016 s161 Schedule 19 and is relevant for the financial year ending 30 September 2020.
Managing Tax Risks

Tax risks can arise due to the complexity of tax legislation, potential differences in interpretation, and in relation to our business operating models. Internal procedures and policies have been established to ensure the integrity of our tax filings and other tax compliance obligations in the UK. Our tax processes are subject to internal control, regular review and annual external audit.
External/Specialist advice is utilised for R&D claims, our annual corporation tax return and where any additional support is deemed required

Tax Planning

In order to ensure we fully comply with new and existing tax legislation we may seek external tax advice along with reviewing HMRC guidance. Operating decisions are purely based on a  commercial basis. External advice may be sought with complex transactions to ensure our understanding of tax legislation or if there are other considerations which may maximise shareholder value whilst achieving our commercial aims in a low risk manner.

Tax Risks

Board led internal policies throughout the business are designed to mitigate tax risk to an acceptable low level. Continuous development and training is undertaken by the accounts team.

Working with HMRC

We seek to ensure that our engagement with HMRC is professional, open, honest and undertaken in the spirit of cooperation.

Published by Erith Board of Directors
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