Southend Business Park
In November 2016, we were awarded the contract to provide the first phase of infrastructure works at Southend Business Park including an off-site roundabout and on-site roads.
The 52-acre site was part of the former Westcliff Rugby Club between Rochford and Southend and is being developed by Henry Boot Developments, in partnership with Southend Borough Council, to accommodate one million square feet of commercial floor space. Henry Boot Developments tasked us with Section 38 and Section 278 works to make way for a new leisure and retail development.
Technical challenges
We faced numerous challenges during this project.
Most notably, the demands of the public around the site had to be allowed and mitigated within our safe system of works.  

Residential properties, a live carriageway, public footpaths, and sports pitches in regular use were the main constraints within this project. To ensure safety to the public, our workforce and on-site subcontractors, we deployed a traffic management plan to minimise disruption to the footpaths and carriageway and ensure shared access to the residential areas and sports pitches.  

Communication with the council, client and residents was key to our successful completion of the work. We worked closely with Henry Boot and Southend Council to implement an active public relations plan with on-site meetings and letter drops informing the residents of the phasing of works and out of hours working contact details in the event of any problems. 

Our works involved the construction of the private roads under a design and build contract and constructing a new roundabout on the busy B1013 

The on-site road works included stripping the existing rugby pitches and top-soiling and seeding the new pitches. They then involved reduced dig, large-diameter drainage, swales and balancing ponds, pump station  and pump mains work, kerbing, path edgings, tarmac and street lighting and hard and soft landscaping.  

 We were responsible for constructing the off-site roundabout with associated traffic islands and resurfacing a section of the carriageway, including kerbing, street lighting traffic signs and hard and soft landscaping. 

The scope of this job was infrastructure based and included reduced dig, large-diameter drainage, swales and balancing ponds, pump station and pump mains work, kerbing, path edgings, tarmac, street lighting and hard and soft landscaping.
The off-site roundabout works had to be carried out in six phases due to the constraints of Essex Highways.

Extended hours and overnight works were necessary to minimise disruption and to comply with Essex County Council requirements.  

Two, three and four-phase traffic light systems had to be introduced to execute the works successfully. Specialist subcontractors carried out the street lighting signage and soft landscaping, with around 500 shrubs being planted in the roundabout and along the verges.  

Summary of service 
Large diameter drainage
Swales and balancing ponds
Kerbing and path edgings
Street lighting
Hard and soft landscaping