Didcot NE
Legal and General Homes employed us to conduct the primary infrastructure phase of works to a site on the outskirts of Didcot.
The infrastructure works included site clearance, highways and construction, as well as diversion of drainage and utilities to make way for a 155ha site consisting of housing, schools, retail complex, leisure/community facilities and associated nature parks to the North of the A4130 and East/South of the B4016.
Technical challenges
Working near protected ecology was one of the challenges we faced.
We had to take special care due to the presence of established species within the area, including bats, small populations of reptiles, invertebrates, and nesting birds. 

This resulted in protected areas being fenced off using Heras fencing. 

Working near existing live services, including 11kv and 33kv high voltage overhead cables and high-pressure gas mains, was another one of the challenges we faced on this job. bulldozer was used to remove materials beneath the overhead cables and height restrictions were placed on all plant used. 

We had to adhere to high levels of security operated at Legal and General sites.  

We incorporated this into our programme of works by utilising a gateman during working hours and wi-fi guard units outside of working hours.  

 All visitors were required to sign in and out of the site with no exceptions. We also made sure a management team member was on call 24-hours a day to liaise with security, if necessary.  

The scope of this job was infrastructure based and included site clearance, highways and construction, as well as diversion of drainage and utilities.  
This project was highly time-sensitive, as various trees needed to be planted during the planting season.  

Trees were to be planted in the open space areas and along the soft vergeof the road. Scrub planting and amenity grass-seeding also needed to take place while considering the area’s protected ecology. This put time constraints on the work as these needed to be planted at a specific time.  


Interface with pedestrians and pedestrian routes, including diversions in agreement with the Local Authority, was needed.  

Residential access

Local residential access needed to be maintained and was enabled by the use of letter drops and advanced notes informing those who may be affected of the works and progress. 

Summary of service 
Site clearance
Diversion of drainage and utilities