Erith Reach New Heights with Flare Stack Demolition at Petrochemical Facility

Erith’s industrial specialists have recently completed the successful demolition of a 90m high flare stack, making it the tallest free-standing structure ever demolished by the Erith Group.

Taking place at a former ICI Petrochemical Plant at Wilton International Site, near Redcar, the complex operation of removing the flare stack required months of complex risk and structural assessment work.

Erith’s expert team had to negotiate the live-fuel gas lines running in close proximity to the stack, as well as overcome the constraints of the boggy made ground within the work area; a result of 60 years of petrochemical production.

Commencing with the removal of the flare-tip, a 5-tonne piece of stainless steel sitting 85m above ground level, we then conducted enabling works to the flare-stack to allow for a successful controlled demolition down to the base.

Both 300 tonne and 500 tonne cranes were utilised for the works, with the larger of the 2 lifting the sections down and the smaller crane used for access to sling the sections of the flare-stack.

The works were completed successfully, on-time and with no accidents or incidents, all under the watchful eye of our Client; SABIC Petrochemicals UK Ltd and their Consultant Engineers; Richard Van Associates Limited (RVA)

Chris Foley, Senior Project Manager overseeing the Redcar operation, commented; “Work of this nature requires the most detailed and thorough of planning from conception to final delivery. Today sees the safe delivery of this work under the most testing of circumstances”

Oliver Dowling, another of the Project Managers, added: “The seamless delivery of this most high-risk element of our project demonstrates the industrial pedigree of the demolition business & I am delighted to be a key part of this fantastic team”.

Redcar Image 3