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The demolition division was formed in 1967 and is currently the third largest in the World. Over the past five decades, the division has accumulated a wealth of technical skills and expertise earning Erith the reputation of being a leading specialist in all fields of the demolition industry.

Allied to the construction industry, Erith’s demolition capabilities derive from the widest of spectrums; with a portfolio perpetuating a range of schemes across a nationwide scale. Amalgamating an envelope of complex demolition projects, contracts have ranged from high rise and low rise in-situ concrete structures; including a variety of modular 60’s style buildings through to historical structures of a listed status.

With a comprehensive array of plant and equipment, Erith have formed a strong presence within the industrial fi­eld – specialising in demolition and deplant activities in a heavy industrial setting. Projects of this nature have included industrial units, Nuclear Power Stations, Manufacturing facilities, Petro-chemical Plants and electrical sub-stations both of an operational and redundant status. Projects of this magnitude often involve working under controlled conditions in a sensitive environment.

As a group we have completed various high profi­le demolition projects across the UK within both the public and private sector. In recent years, Erith can boast working on some of the most complex schemes both in terms of scale and intricacy. These include the largest demolition sequence in Europe (at its time) with the demolition of Lafarge’s Northfleet Cement Works, the Deplant and Demolition of Bradwell Nuclear Power Station and the Top Down Demolition of Kingsgate House situated in the heart of the Capital.

As a business we pride ourselves in remaining flexible in the sectors we cater for – those projects include projects in the following market sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Nuclear
  • Transport
  • Urban