Case Study // Northfleet Cement Works – Lafarge

The clearance of this 33 hectare cement works on the banks of the Thames provided a real opportunity for Erith to demonstrate its skills in recycling and remediation, recording 125,000 man hours worked.

In addition to the safe removal of 4,000 tonnes of asbestos and explosive demolition of 3no. redundant chimneys, Erith have excelled at obtaining the maximum value for Lafarge from the reuse and recycling of plant and materials worldwide, achieving £9m of recycling benefi¬t for Lafarge which converted an initial £7M liability for Lafarge into a £1.9M saving.

Technically highly demanding, the project involved a signifi¬cant investment in plant and labour. The technical skills involved included deconstruction, remote demolition, explosive demolition, asbestos removal.

The site remained operational throughout the duration of the works as a live Cement Import and Export terminal. All importation was via the adjacent River Thames and all exportation was transported via road utilising existing site traffi¬c routes. Existing public rights of way which ran through the site were segregated from operations to ensure the safety of the public was kept at all times.

The location of the site and close proximity to neighbours (both commercial and residential) meant that stakeholder consultation was key to the success of the project. Liaison was a key element of this project from the outset. Representatives of our client Lafarge remained on site throughout the contract.

In addition, collaboration with the Environmental Agency and the Port of London Authority was essential, both of whom were eager to ensure that dust and waste water would not impact upon the River Thames.