Erith operate on a variety of schemes within the commercial sector; undertaking infrastructure, demolition, earthworks and asbestos removal services. Structures in recent times have been situated in the congested parameters of London, busy high streets or more rural areas in the process of redevelopment.

Examples of commercial schemes across the group include some of the following projects:

Marcol House Walmar House Olympic Park Wellington House 2-14 Baker Street 33 King William Street 2-6 Cannon Street

Government Buildings

Erith have been involved in an array of specialist engineering, demolition and refurbishment works for government owned and occupied structures. As a business we understand the intricate provisions required when working within the vicinity of a government property. Projects in the past have required strategic coordination to facilitate any sensitive operations which may require protection and safeguarding. Structures across the years have incorporated HMRC Offices, Magistrates Courts and GCHQ.

Examples of government properties across the group include some of the following projects:

Horseferry Road Magistrates Durham House GCHQ 82 Baker Street


City Centre

For the past decade Erith have been a formidable presence within the capital for the delivery of construction related services. These have taken the form of a consultant providing specialist advice, and as contractor providing a concept to completion style service. As a result of our city centre experience gained across the years, we have developed provisions which ensure that the congested nature of such projects become a formality. Erith work closely with clients to create innovative solutions to overcome tight timescales, confined space working, façade retention schemes and operational/heritage structures. Schemes have been carried out in high profile locations such as Regent Street, Blackfriars Station and Oxford Street.

Examples of City Centre projects within our portfolio include some of the following:

Café Royal Project Oriana Q4 Fielden House


Asset Protection

delivering projects with heritage value involves protective measures to client assets; often carrying out asbestos removal, civil and demolition to structures of a listed and graded status. Erith’s in house design team, Swanton Consulting, help the business facilitate complex temporary works and retaining schematics which ensure the integrity of any assets that require protection.

Examples of asset protection schemes within our portfolio include some of the following:

Marcol House Walmar House Seacoal House Oceanic House



Erith have the resources and expertise to deliver a single source solution for large and smaller scale redevelopment schemes. Utilising our diverse service streams, we are able to offer a unique service which incorporates earthworks, asbestos removal, demolition and waste management to deliver an all-encompassing redevelopment package.

Examples of redevelopment projects we have carried out include some of the following:

Goresbrook Village Ebbsfleet Stephenson Street 79 Camden